Nerissa Okeanos
Atlantean Goddess & Princess
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nineloveshisrose → "Neri? Neri can you here me? This is the Doctor and I need your help. My TARDIS seems to be crashing in your area. Can you send me a signal so that I can land her safely," he asked.



The message was an odd one, especially when she wasn’t expecting it. Unexpected or not, she responded quickly, “sending signal now.” She sent it out to him so he could at least land somewhere close to her current estate she was at.

The Doctor grinned and heard the signal, getting the TARDIS to follow it as well as she could in her condition. “Make sure you are safe, Neri before I get there,” he told her before holding on and make sure they didn’t fully crash.

Neri chuckled and waited for him to land. She relaxed in the water of the private beach while waiting for him to land. “I can’t be much safer than my own private beach. When you land, come enjoy the water. Its nice.”


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15. They need a place to hide. 

"Hey princess. I need somewhere t’ lay low fer a while."

"M being followed. Not sure why exactly. But Jim called, he seemed worried. Told m’ t’ get someplace quick-like. An here I am." He followed her inside, sparing a glance to his back to make sure he was alone.

Neri nodded and punched a code into her security system. “You’re safe here. The security system was designed by the best Atlantean minds.” She gave a soft smile to try to reassure him. “Can I get you something to drink or eat?”


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He grinned, winding his fingers through hers and tugging her along, through the flowers and and down the path. It was a beautiful place, really, and the Doctor loved coming here when he just needed some peace.

It was a wonderful place, really.

Neri looked about and smiled to her fiance. She gave his hand a gentle squeeze as they walked down the path. The only word she could use to describe the combination of the floral scents was divine. It was tranquil and just the perfect place to go for peace of mind. “Its so beautiful,” she whispered, not wanting to disrupt the serenity of the garden.

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"Until Underverse Come!" He smiled.

"Let us hope, yes." He nodded.

Neri gave a soft smile and nodded to him. “Indeed,” she whispered and pressed her mouth to his.


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Reaper nodded. “Is there anyway I can reach you if my return bring down any trouble on my head?” he asked.

Neri reached into her pocket and pulled out a small orb and handed it to him. “Crush this and I’ll be able to come get you if things turn sour.” Neri just hoped things wouldn’t get to that point.


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McCoy stood in the corner by the food table, tugging at the cravat that hung like a noose around his neck. He couldn’t stand these formal to-dos with their fancy garb. Most of the aristocrats didn’t care two cents for rif raf like him… Or the rest of the lower class in the kingdom. They only cared about their parties… Well, some weren’t so bad. Like Princess Nerissa for example. She’d always seemed the giving type. Caring towards her citizens. He’d often seen her around the medical wards, giving comfort to the sick. That’s the only reason he’d agreed to come. He’d wanted to meet her before they set out.

Neri took a deep breath and descended down the staircase to the ballroom below. She wasn’t looking forward to this. No doubt there’d be some noble who’d demand her attention and require her to dance. “Ugh, I’d rather not.” She mumbled as she gracefully went down the stairs. Her mood brightened when she saw that the crew members were there, particularly McCoy, one of the doctors she saw frequently when she’d visit the medical wards. “I’m glad to see you were able to come,” she said as she walked over to him. The disgusted looks she was getting from various members of the nobility didn’t register. She’d rather spend her time with real people, not the false ones that pretended to be the upper crust of their society.


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15. They need a place to hide. 

"Hey princess. I need somewhere t’ lay low fer a while."

"Did something happen?" She blinked and ushered him inside. Why would he have to lay low. Unless someone was hunting him or something.


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atlanteanroyalty → Hail Hydra!



Stephanie’s pretty sure the world just dropped from under her. She stares at Nerissa in shock. No way that Hydra could have planted her. No way Hydra even knew about the Atlantean. Her teeth grind and her hands all into fists, releasing and curling back up almost rhythmicly.

"Don’t - don’t fucking joke about that Nerissa." Please, please be joking. Don’t be serious. 

It’s sort of like an attack. Her breath just won’t come, her chest is tight and everything feels wrong. Not Neri. Not Nerissa, she lost people she actually liked in the Hydra takeover. Everyone had. She doesn’t want to lose Nerissa too. 

Steph doesn’t know if she should believe the words coming out of her lover’s mouth or the feelings she’s been bombarded with. Last time she followed her heart, she ended up with a bullet in her gut, a fractured jaw and nearly drowned, again

"I - You. Get." outleave go away, don’t do this, please don’t be hydra. She backs up. One step, two steps. Turns. “Don’t move. Don’t follow me.” 

Neri ran over and put a hand on her lover’s shoulder. “No, you need to come with me now.” She didn’t wait for the blond to respond. She picked Steph up and carried her to their bedroom and closed the door. She then surrounded them in an airtight bubble made of water.

She hated using her powers like this, but it was necessary. “Steph, sweetheart… let me explain okay?” She braced for the inevitable fighting that would happen and wouldn’t fight back. No doubt her lover was still hurt, confused and now angry for being womanhandled.

"I’m working with Fury. He needed someone who he could trust to infiltrate Hydra. Someone who can get close without them realizing what was happening. Who better than someone who can control emotions? My brother and sister are also involved."

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